Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today, love is spoken in Promises to one another.
Two lovers Rejoice to lose
Self and form One flesh through
The working of a silent Miracle, a touch from God.
Pledges fervently Impressed upon the heart
And permanently Sealed in His presence
Transform this moment of Embroidered pageantry & tradition
Into the varied Seasons of lifelong love.
By Carolynn J. Scully


37 years ago Patrick and I recited these vows to one another. Today we repeat these vows, knowing full well that we must rely on God to fulfill them!

Patrick's vows:
In these modern times of trouble, when love is just a word people say less and less, let my love for you and your love for me radiate for all to see and witness. And although our love may shine daily through mists of hard times, let it be trusted like a lighthouse in the storm - to steer us clear of the perils of destruction, lying sometimes hidden but ever present.

Carolynn, I promise you my love, strength, entire being, until the last thought leaves my mind and the last breath leaves my flesh.

Carolynn's vows:

Everything changes -

In spring the tiny green buds are like our love is now, just beginning to grow.

The fullness of the green leaves in summer is like our love which will give a peaceful shade to those who witness our joy in loving one another.

Variety in our love is reflected in the many colors of autumn. The yellows and oranges are the joys and laughter we will share. The dark colors are the sad times we will endure.

As the leaves fall to the ground in the cold of winter, so we shall part from each other only at death. Our love, not dying, only making way for a new love and a new beginning.

Patrick, I promise to love you, trust in you, respect and understand you always until I die.

Monday, August 9, 2010


You were once my home and now my life is an image of you.
I stand in your shadow,
Journey in your footsteps,
Carry on because of your courage.

Your hands are reflected in the mirror of mine:
The nervous habits I acquired,
The mindless strokes of my pen,
The way I stitch with needle and thread.

You paint eternal pictures of love and beauty in my life,
Delighting in art created and performed,
Rejoicing in friendships spanning generations,
Owning a heart big enough for love alone.

You record music into my soul that
Lets my spirit dance,
Frees my voice to sing,
Fills my days with joy.

You tell stories of thankfulness for
Freedoms enjoyed,
Blessings received,
People that cared.

You are a faithful teacher of life’s lessons:
In the building of a dream,
The living of life despite times of grief,
The believing by faith in things not seen.

You were once my home and now I know that home is
A place of learning to live,
A place of safety for my heart,
A place where God dwells.

Carolynn J. Scully © 2000

Friday, July 30, 2010

William Leff, My Friend

Will (William Leff)

Friend of my heart
You may not be able to help me move my furniture or change a tire, but you move me to pray and to change my heart towards God.
You may not be able to enjoy a dinner with us, but we dine on the Bread of Life when you are near.
You may not be able to enthrall us with your stories, jokes or wisdom, but we are enthralled at the way your eyes dance in the presence of angels.
You may not be able to embrace us with strong arms, but your hands hold us tight while you lead us into your silent prayer.

Friend of my heart
Your eyes search beyond this world and reflect love.
You listen to a Holy Voice revealing truth and share in His compassion and hope.
You touch the heart of God for those who need Him.
Your eyes dance with joy over the glory of God revealed!

Friend of my heart
You have offered me opportunities to believe beyond what I see, to give more than I thought I could, to trust more in that which I do not understand, to love deeper, and to be loved, not for all I can do, but for just being with you.
I love you, friend of my heart.
Carolynn J. Scully
23 July 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Voice

The voice
Deep within
Compels the gifted
To move towards
That which waits
With no form,
No beauty,
No meaning.

"Be yourself!
Breathe life!
Imagine and
Create the vision.
It is the plan
And purpose
For which
You are born."

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

If They Had a Voice

If they had a voice

Would they ask "Why?"

Would screams reach the sky?

If they had a voice

Would our hearts be stirred?

Would we have heard?

If we loaned them our voice

Would we defend their cause?

Would we be able to change the laws?

The unborn child has a voice

The Maker only hears

And quiets with His tears.

by Carolynn J. Scully

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


God's Spirit moves in might.
Formed by God's own hand.
Blowing in the breeze.
Creation was not done.
Whatever He may wish.
All made to fit God's plan.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2008
rewritten 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010


In honor of my dear Hubby's birthday last Friday, I thought I would share my childrens' Birthday poem .

I wash my face,
brush my teeth.
I comb my hair
and smile.
Everything seems
just the same
As it has been
for awhile.
I don't look different
even though
I'm changed in one
big way.
Today I add
another year!
It is my
59th birthday!

( I change the number to fit the age)

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2008

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Mirrors reveal faces that
Reflect lifetimes of hopes and dreams
Fulfilled in the splendor of success, or
Shattered into pieces of unreality.

Mirrors reveal faces that
Display lifetimes of loves and hates
Melted into a single heart softened, or
Hardened by feelings held fast.

Mirrors reveal faces that
Hide lifetimes of deceits and secrets
Too heavy to carry and, one day to be
Revealed for judgement.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)1995

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Knowing & Loving You

I have known you
and loved you
All of your life,
For in knowing
And loving you today
I find that my love
Has transcended time
And knowledge.
I have loved you
Even as the seed
In your mothers' womb,
For in that seed you began.
All you are today
Began with that seed
and thus I have loved you
All of your life.
I have loved you
And known you
all of your life,
But you are
More precious
And more desirable now,
Because the years have
Seen you grow
In strength and
Humility, bending
With the wind
But not breaking.
I know you, yet
There is so much
more to know
I love you, yet
There is so much
more to love.
to Patrick
with all my love,
Carolynn (April 2001)

Friday, April 16, 2010


We run life's race together
And strive to win the prize.
We walk together hand in hand
No matter age or size.
We stand together side by side.
Our shield of faith we hold.
We sit together in company.
The joy never grows old.

Together we will walk in love
And face whatever's ahead.
Nothing will stop us from our goal,
Because Jesus is our daily bread.
We are a family growing strong.
We work in unity.
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother,
We are a family.

by Carolynn J. Scully

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Favorite Poem

I love the poem Trees, by Joyce Kilmer. This picture was taken last year when we visited Colorado and drove past my childhood home. The tree sitting out by the road was where I would go to sit and read for hours perched on a certain branch that was considered mine. You can see it on the far left of the picture.

I was amazed to see the tree still thriving after all these years. To be honest it looks the same in height. The branches look bigger but in all it is just as I remember.

I wanted to go up, but my 58 year old body would certainly protest so I simply enjoyed the memories.
by Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Sound of My Hiding Place

You are my hiding will surround me with songs of deliverance.

Silence. Quiet stillness sitting before You
I seek Your face. I long to hear Your voice.
Heartbeats. Are they mine or Yours?
I want our hearts to beat as one.
Breathing. Is it mine or Yours?
Breathe on me as I breathe in Your presence.
Words. Quiet whispers flow to my ears.
I strain to hear and grasp the essence of You, O God.

I am encompassed by Your presence
Just as the unborn child in the womb.
I am in peace; protected,nourished, comforted.
I know the sound of my hiding place.

by Carolynn J. Scully revised 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

God is Worthy

God is worthy: valuable; deserving of praise; having merit; deserving of...

"I chose you," He said, "And I give this gift to you."

And there He laid within my heart
A gift beyond compare.
A perfect gift, His gift of love
A gift so sweet and rare.

The pearl is priceless so very rich.
It's worthy beyond measure.
It cost His Son, His only son.
He is the worlds' great treasure.

by Carolynn J. Scully

Monday, April 12, 2010



I cannot be in the past.
I cannot be in the future.
I can only breathe the air of the present.

I AM gave me being,
Keeps me being,
Offers me eternal living.

My being is a creation of
The Most High Being.
His Spirit is my breath.
His Being is the likeness
For my being.
Without I AM, I am nothing.

I AM speaks existence.
I am His being.
I am His.
My feelings and beliefs
Grow from my being and
Spur me into action for Him.

by Carolynn J. Scully
revised 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kiss My Hurt

(Unless we become like little children....)

Kiss my hurt
And make it better.
Hold me close
And dry my tears.
I need you
Right now, not later,
To comfort me
And calm my fears.

Pray for me
And make it better.
Take me close
To Jesus the King.
I need Him
Right now, not later,
To heal my hurts
and help me sing.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2008

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Faith touches with the heart

Hope touches with open hands

Love touches with the Word

by Carolynn J. Scully

Friday, April 9, 2010


My flesh lusts after delicate sweets
Entrapping me into
The false sense of satisfaction
The lying cushion of comfort
The failing feeling of fullness
The empty reasoning of earthly rewards.

The enemy's candied house lures me with its sweet facade
Hiding the prison of addiction where my cravings are
Never satisfied,
My lonliness is never full
And there is no lasting reward.

Walk with me, Lord,
Hold my hand tightly as You lead me away
from the empty candied house.
Free me from the lure of the seductive sweetness
giving me pleasure that will not last.

You are calling me into a new place.
You call me to dwell closer to You.
You are the Prince who desires to fulfill all my dreams.

Your promise, O my Prince,
Is to satisfy me with the sweetness of Your word;
To comfort me with Your presence;
To fill me with Your Spirit
And bring me to an eternity of rewards.

My heart grieves that I fail to follow Your lead in perfection.
Lust wrestles with the longings of my spirit,
And I find myself rushing toward the temporary,
Forgetting the truth.

But, You, O my Prince
Are always nearby,
Waiting with a chalice filled with all I need.
O Patient Prince
Entice me to the place of Your sweet presence
Until I never more will stray from Your side,
And the full reward of You:
My satisfaction and comfort.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2006

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Junk Box

I normally post my own poems but I really like this poem by Edgar Guest. I hope you enjoy it too!

My father often used to say:
"My boy don't throw a thing away:
You'll find a use for it someday."

So in a box he stored up things,
Bent nails, old washers, pipes and rings,
And bolts and nuts and rusty springs.

Despite each blemish and each flaw.
Some use for everything he saw;
With things material, this was law.

And often when he'd work to do,
He searched the junk box through and through
And found old stuff as good as new.

And I have often thought since then,
That father did the same with men;
He knew he'd need their help again.

It seems to me he understood
That men, as well as iron and wood,
May broken be and still be good.

Despite the vices he'd display
He never threw a man away,
But kept him for another day.

A human junk box is this earth
And into it we're tossed at birth,
To wait the day we'll be of worth.

Though bent and twisted, weak of will,
And full of flaws and lacking skill,
Some service each can render still.

*I realize that God does not make junk....but we who have chosen to rebel against God's way have sinned and become bent and broken. We do still have use and we have hope to be made new and whole by the power of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ!

**This poem simply reminds me that though I may see others flaws and consider throwing them out of my life because of them, I can still find a place for them. They can be a part of building my life (broken and bent as it is) into something useful for God's Kingdom!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I dropped it.
I made a mistake.
I broke it.
I hope it was fake.
I spilled it.
I'll get out the mop.
I hit him.
I just couldn't stop.
I blew it.
I'm sorry, forgive me.
I'll be better
Tomorrow, you'll see.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c2008)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Reach into the deepest
Place within me and
Gift Your Spirit into me.

Fill me to the fullest
Satisfy my longings
Remove only that which takes
Space against You.

You have given all
You give all
You will continue to give all
Without hesitation.

Generosity, Touch me and make me like You!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Finger Pointers

Eve ate the fruit.
Adam ate it too.
When God asked what they did,
Both pointedly said, "It's you!"

Adam pointed at Eve.
Eve pointed at the snake.
Adam pointed at God.
Now that was a BIG mistake!

Pointing fingers isn't right
When you are very wrong.
Before you point at others
Your own guilt must be gone.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2008

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Power to Love

Jesus, You are my Lord and my God.

You have exceedingly great power
Over all things:
Power to destroy the wicked,
Power to control the rebellious.


You have chosen the unfathomable
Way of love:
Love that conquers the wicked,
Love that frees' the rebellious.


You alone are holy, righteous, and pure.
You see all,
Yet see my sin no more.
You know all,
Yet know my rebellion no longer
Because of Your power to love.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)1996

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Look into the weary, pain-filled face of one
Who never gives place to the enemy,
And discover courage.

Look into the midst of a battle
Where God's grace manifests strength and hope
And sustains courage.

We admire and desire the courage
Witnessed in the daily walk of
One brave soul,
Yet despise the need for courage
When we ourselves are enveloped
In the place where courage is birthed in us.

Thus we look into a weary, pain-filled heart and
Treasure the smallest of victories
And we are encouraged.

by Carolynn J. Scully

Friday, April 2, 2010


Today I am posting two items. The first is a song (yet to be set to music), and a poem. Both have the same theme. I hope you find truth within the words and draw closer to our Savior because of reading them.


A song by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2002

Holy, holy, holy are You Lord!
Holy hands!
Holy heart!
Holy God!

Holiness encountered sin on the cross.
Through nails and thorns holiness paid the cost.
Freedom was poured out by holiness lost.

Holiest of hands held firm every sin.
Love pierced deep the holiest heart within.
Holiest life in His agony wins.

Holy God!
Holy heart!
Holy Hands!
Holy, holy, holy are You Lord!

Holiness (a poem)
by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2002

Holiness encountered my sin on the cross.
Eternal moments treasured His loss.
Precious holy hands possessed my every sin.
He did not turn away but nailed it deep within.

Holiness was poisoned by my sin and contempt.
The eternal Godhead, in pain and agony, wept.
The holy triune heart was torn for me in twain.
His holy love and mercy forever reigns.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bound by Choice

God watched in His glorious heaven,
But man failed to see from earths' side,
That Jesus was bound by His choices,
Not just by the ropes was He tied.

He bound Himself in obedience
To the Father in heaven above.
Shackled by chains of His making,
Jesus chose to be bound by love.

Man meant to harm Jesus, silence the truth,
But God turned it completely around.
It is good that He died in place of all men.
His bondage meant love was unbound!

by Carolynn J. Scully (c) 1995

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Price Paid

Poem by Carolynn J. Scully (c)1999

Men saw an execution.
God saw a sacrifice.
Men saw a solution.
God saw that it paid a price.

Men cowered in the darkness.
God's heart was torn in pain.
Men ran in guilty fear.
God's judgement would reign.

Men jeered at the stench of death,
Ignored impassioned pleas.
God inhaled holy incense.
Forgiveness was set free.

Men must seek salvation
Through Christ, God's only Son.
For God so loved the world
That the victory was won.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Roses grow on thorny stems, and still,
Roses are meant to give away.

There is no true intent
To prick, hurt,
Or bring to tears
With gifts of
Thorny roses.

Love only exchanges
Bouquets in friendship
Meant to bless
With the beauty of soft
Spicy sweet petals.

Yet, roses grow on thorny stems, and still,
Roses are meant to give away.

By Carolynn J. Scully
© 2002

Monday, March 8, 2010

Poem in Your Pocket

I am getting ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day. This year it will be April 29. I am wanting to share some poetry with my Granddaughter's classes as well as pass out some of my favorite poems.

What will you do to celebrate?

Here is a poem for kids of all ages:

Something Good Inside of Me
by Carolynn J. Scully

When something bad happens to me
I want to find the good in me.
I want to say good things to others,
To do good things, love all brothers.
I want to think good thoughts and know
That Jesus Christ will help me grow.
He works to make the bad to be
Something good inside of me.