Friday, November 2, 2012

The Day Begins, A Wedding Day Poem

The Day Begins

The time is now!
The day begins!

Each expectant thought
In preparation for this day,
This hour, this beginning moment
Has sprinkled its showers of,
Festive enchantment
‘Til the cup bubbling over
Has become a fountain bursting
With joyous devotion and celebration.

Eyes sparkle with longing
To see loves face.
Hearts ripple with anticipation
Of two lives becoming one.
Voices twinkle with laughter
Punctuated by the breathless
Whisper of committed promises.

A waterfall of blessings poured out:
In the discovery of like souls
Traveling in one direction,
In trusted partners
Walking side by side,
In the celebrated covenant vowed and lived
Before family and friends.

The time is now.
The day begins.

Carolynn J. Scully©2012

The Face of the Giver

The Face of the Giver

A thank you named
Recognizes the sacrifice of the gift.
There is joy in the seeing.

Thankfulness is an act of choosing grace
In the place we set our vision.
It is a simple candlelight to seek the gift
In the midst of pain, or deluge of blessing.
But it is the extravagant sun to seek the giver.

The face of the One where the gift is born
Is worthy of our gaze,
Worthy of gratitude.
The Giver is the one to whom
We lift our countenance,
Amazed that generosity has flowed freely
To the undeserving.

Carolynn J. Scully ©2012