Thursday, August 25, 2011


I just heard someone say that people in America are not going to church. It was a statement made with an air of sadness. I have to agree that it is a thermometer of the faith of our "Christian" nation. Our thermometer does seem to measure a coldness toward church. Church attendance is important, but is going to church more important than being the church?

I grew up as a "good" Catholic. We went to church every Sunday and confessions every Saturday. I was schooled at the local Catholic school and it was expected that we make our church attendance a priority. I learned that my good attendance at church would be seen by God as a good life worthy of His grace. My problem was that going to church did not always translate into faith in God or a faith filled life outside of the church walls.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am very thankful to my Heavenly Father for the churches' influence on my life. Though I am no longer in the Catholic church, without the stories of the Saints, I would never have desired to have faith or to see that I was a sinner who needed God to save me. My point here is not about what the church teaches. It is that I believe the scriptures, God's Word, emphasizes going out and BEING the church, more than it tells us to go to church.

Of course, I know that I cannot be the church without going to church. The church is the Body of Christ. The church is where I am encouraged by God's Word and the fellowship of other Christians. But, I must leave the church building to go out and truly be the church Jesus desires. What is given to me in the church needs to be taken to those outside of the church.

Lord God, Head of the Body of Christ and founder of Your church, I give You praise for the role of church in my life. I ask You to forgive me for allowing the church to be a shield from the world instead of a safe haven where I can be renewed and equipped to go into the world. Thank You for the balance You created between going to church and being the church. Teach me to be Your church in the world that needs You. Remind me that the church is not a place to hide but a place to heal.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Am I a Fool?

Am I a fool
To let you see
The twisted snake
Inside of me?

Am I a fool
To fling open
The door of my heart
So you could know me ?

Am I a fool
When I trust you
To see that God
Is the only hope for me?

Am I a fool
To look in the mirror
Face my fears and cry
For what I long to be?

Am I a fool
To trust His way
Changing me
Day by day?

There is no fool
Who trustingly
Lays his life down
In God’s hands.

I am no fool!

Carolynn J. Scully
©October 2006

Monday, April 11, 2011

An Audience with the King

The invitation is given.
He wants to talk with me.
He calls me as a friend.
He’s the King of eternity!

I set aside a quiet time
In my most private place.
Where we sit and visit
I dwell on His glorious face.

The King invites me in each day
My heart bows down in praise
He bids me raise my eyes
To see His truth-filled loving gaze.

Our time draws to an end too soon
His fragrant grace remains.
I’m His humble servant.

Today His holy presence reigns.

By Carolynn J. Scully


revised 3/8/2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Through You

I see myself

Through your words

And your silences,

So lift me up

With the music of the stars.

Set a spark and woo me with sweet whispers.

When you have no words

Drink me into your thoughts;

Share a loving toast to me

With your eyes.

I see myself

Through your touch

So, cover me

With the cleansing waterfall of passion or

Soft dew drops tempting my flesh.

When feelings are lost turn back to me.

Separation’s thirst can only be quenched by

My heart beating next to yours.

I see myself

Through you.

  By Carolynn J. Scully

© February 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Does the Sky Begin?

Where does the sky begin?
Does it kiss the earth
With soft breezes or
Simply sit with us
In a forever embrace?

Where does the sky begin?
Where can we meet the sky?
Does it meet our fingers
When we raise our
Hands up high or
Must we fly?

Where can we meet the sky?

By Carolynn J. Scully
© 9 January 2011