Wednesday, September 15, 2010


37 years ago Patrick and I recited these vows to one another. Today we repeat these vows, knowing full well that we must rely on God to fulfill them!

Patrick's vows:
In these modern times of trouble, when love is just a word people say less and less, let my love for you and your love for me radiate for all to see and witness. And although our love may shine daily through mists of hard times, let it be trusted like a lighthouse in the storm - to steer us clear of the perils of destruction, lying sometimes hidden but ever present.

Carolynn, I promise you my love, strength, entire being, until the last thought leaves my mind and the last breath leaves my flesh.

Carolynn's vows:

Everything changes -

In spring the tiny green buds are like our love is now, just beginning to grow.

The fullness of the green leaves in summer is like our love which will give a peaceful shade to those who witness our joy in loving one another.

Variety in our love is reflected in the many colors of autumn. The yellows and oranges are the joys and laughter we will share. The dark colors are the sad times we will endure.

As the leaves fall to the ground in the cold of winter, so we shall part from each other only at death. Our love, not dying, only making way for a new love and a new beginning.

Patrick, I promise to love you, trust in you, respect and understand you always until I die.