Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Ring

This poem was written by my son Joseph. I thought it worth posting and he gave me permission to do so. I hope you enjoy, even if it brings some tears.


The ring.

My promise, in words, was once made and then broken.
Maybe a ring is more than loves' token.
Yes, it is something much more incredible:
A symbol to see and feel the intangible!
It reminds the bearer of the giver's word,
And the giver of their promise conferred.

Love, like a ring, is not priceless;
Or else neither would any possess.
But love and a ring both cost quite a price,
If you've never lost either, please heed my advice.
Be glad that our love is measurable!
Otherwise, doubt makes it not pleasurable.

Can love exist without a ring?
Supposedly so.I
s a ring, to prove love, necessary?
I now say it is so.
Can one gauge the depth of ringless love?
Decidedly no!

So what if the ring is small?
It is surely better than none at all.
The weight or the size doesn't matter.
It's purpose is not to flatter.
A ring gives love validity.
Invalidated love shows timidity.
And true love is not timid or shy,
It is bold as a diamond! (quarter-carat or five.)

If I had done things right, I would have kissed her on the nose;
Then knelt and with a ring, used the following to propose:

If I am away at work or at war,
If we're sick or we're healthy, we're rich or we're poor,
If we have a big fight and I storm out the door,
If your memory fades and you feel insecure...
Then look at your hand, the hand I adore.
See and believe, don't doubt anymore.
For there hangs the ring that can only be yours.
It's proof of my love, my love that endures.

-Joe Scully

Friday, May 29, 2009

His Faithfulness

His faithfulness
Reaches to the heavens of
The entire universe and
Holds the fiery stars
In place.
Though my eye fail to see
Past the brilliance of the sun,
His faithfulness
Maintains the stars as they
Await shadows that unveil the
Truth in whom
I can put my trust.

His faithfulness
Knit me together in
My mothers' womb and
Holds my frail life
In place.
Though my eye fail to see
My inner workings,
His faithfulness
Breathes breath into me and
My very life reveals the
Truth in whom
I can put my trust.

His faithfulness
Speaks a promise through
His Word and
Holds my eternity
In place.
Though my eye fail to see
The future,
His faithfulness
Is trustworthy and
Someday I will see the
Truth in whom
I have put my trust.

Carolynn J. Scully (c)2002

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



The menagerie of animals,
We can see up in the sky,
Are only limited by the things
We see in our minds’ eye.
A cat, a dog, a bird on wing.
It really could be any old thing!
Wild or tame, caged or free
A magnificent zoo as ever could be.
The fascination doesn’t stop there
For you could see a lamp or chair.
Any thing can be found, you see,
In the clouds above the trees.
Grandpa snoring on his bed
A little child who’s bowed her head
A girl with long flowing hair
Two lovers kissing in the air
Cloudy sculptures fill the sky
While my imaginations fly.

By Carolynn J. Scully
© 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Living Sacrifice

This poem was written for Journey Christian Church volunteer appreciation month. christian volunteers hear Gods' call and answer using the gifts, talents, and love the God gave them. Christian work in God breathed, God inspired, and God fueled! Christians simply offer their bodies as a living sacrifice in thanksgiving for what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross.

Living Sacrifice

You surrender your heart
As His dwelling place
He calls you by name and
You answer, "Yes, Lord."
You incline your ear
Listen and hear His voice
As a trusted servant
You answer, "Yes, Lord."
You open your eyes
No longer blinded to those He loves
Awakened to His work among them and
You answer, "Yes, Lord."
You reach out your hands
Not afraid to touch, work, and give
Never weary of doing good
You answer, "Yes, Lord."
You hurry your feet
Following in His steps
To bring Good News and
You answer, Yes, Lord."
Your life: a living sacrifice,
A gift of service
For His pleasure,
Your answer, "Yes, Lord."

By Carolynn J. Scully © 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Will Remember

I will remember
You, O Lord my God
You are the King of the universe
The creator of the fruit of the vine
Who brings forth bread from the earth.

I will remember
The night You were betrayed, betrayed.
You took bread and gave thanks.
You broke it and said, "Take, eat."

It was Your body that was broken,
Broken for me
Yes, for me!
I will remember

I will remember
That You were wounded
For my transgressions,
My sins
You were bruised
For my iniquities,
My unrighteousness
Your suffering brought me peace.
Blessed peace.
I will remember

I will remember
That You took the cup of wine
Gave thanks
And said "Drink of our new covenant."

I will remember
The new covenant given to me
Through Your shed blood
Your blood poured out
For forgiveness of my sins.
I will remember.

I will remember
Your crown of thorns
Your pierced hands and feet
The wound at Your side
Touching Your heart
For me, ME, a sinner.
I will remember

I will remember
That The Father loved me so much
That He sent You
His one and only Son,
Only Son
That if I believe
I will not perish
I will have everlasting life!

I leave my burdened heart at the foot of the cross
I remember and believe.
Because of You, Jesus,
I am forgiven.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2004