Friday, July 30, 2010

William Leff, My Friend

Will (William Leff)

Friend of my heart
You may not be able to help me move my furniture or change a tire, but you move me to pray and to change my heart towards God.
You may not be able to enjoy a dinner with us, but we dine on the Bread of Life when you are near.
You may not be able to enthrall us with your stories, jokes or wisdom, but we are enthralled at the way your eyes dance in the presence of angels.
You may not be able to embrace us with strong arms, but your hands hold us tight while you lead us into your silent prayer.

Friend of my heart
Your eyes search beyond this world and reflect love.
You listen to a Holy Voice revealing truth and share in His compassion and hope.
You touch the heart of God for those who need Him.
Your eyes dance with joy over the glory of God revealed!

Friend of my heart
You have offered me opportunities to believe beyond what I see, to give more than I thought I could, to trust more in that which I do not understand, to love deeper, and to be loved, not for all I can do, but for just being with you.
I love you, friend of my heart.
Carolynn J. Scully
23 July 2010