Monday, August 9, 2010


You were once my home and now my life is an image of you.
I stand in your shadow,
Journey in your footsteps,
Carry on because of your courage.

Your hands are reflected in the mirror of mine:
The nervous habits I acquired,
The mindless strokes of my pen,
The way I stitch with needle and thread.

You paint eternal pictures of love and beauty in my life,
Delighting in art created and performed,
Rejoicing in friendships spanning generations,
Owning a heart big enough for love alone.

You record music into my soul that
Lets my spirit dance,
Frees my voice to sing,
Fills my days with joy.

You tell stories of thankfulness for
Freedoms enjoyed,
Blessings received,
People that cared.

You are a faithful teacher of life’s lessons:
In the building of a dream,
The living of life despite times of grief,
The believing by faith in things not seen.

You were once my home and now I know that home is
A place of learning to live,
A place of safety for my heart,
A place where God dwells.

Carolynn J. Scully © 2000