Friday, April 9, 2010


My flesh lusts after delicate sweets
Entrapping me into
The false sense of satisfaction
The lying cushion of comfort
The failing feeling of fullness
The empty reasoning of earthly rewards.

The enemy's candied house lures me with its sweet facade
Hiding the prison of addiction where my cravings are
Never satisfied,
My lonliness is never full
And there is no lasting reward.

Walk with me, Lord,
Hold my hand tightly as You lead me away
from the empty candied house.
Free me from the lure of the seductive sweetness
giving me pleasure that will not last.

You are calling me into a new place.
You call me to dwell closer to You.
You are the Prince who desires to fulfill all my dreams.

Your promise, O my Prince,
Is to satisfy me with the sweetness of Your word;
To comfort me with Your presence;
To fill me with Your Spirit
And bring me to an eternity of rewards.

My heart grieves that I fail to follow Your lead in perfection.
Lust wrestles with the longings of my spirit,
And I find myself rushing toward the temporary,
Forgetting the truth.

But, You, O my Prince
Are always nearby,
Waiting with a chalice filled with all I need.
O Patient Prince
Entice me to the place of Your sweet presence
Until I never more will stray from Your side,
And the full reward of You:
My satisfaction and comfort.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2006