Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dying to Self ~ Living in God

In foolish futility
I desperately grasp at
The waters of love
To keep as mine
All I treasure.
I labor to breathe in
The rhythm of the life I’ve made
As I want it
Drowning in my self knowing,
Falling deeper into the well of me.
I press my heart to
Beat in time with my song,
My self energizing efforts supplying
A flood of little purpose.
I turn cold to this world
Its beauty
Its love
Its truth
Its comforts
Its pain
Its empty promises and false meaning.

i let go
i die to self,
i surrender my self .
You, Father, are the giver of life.
You hold life secure in Your hands.
You are the cup that spills over
Withholding nothing.
You are everlasting love
Pulsing faithfully
With a true and powerful purpose
You are the breath of life abundant
Flowing in the rhythm of
cleansing and healing,
a refreshing fullness.
You are warm comfort,
Security, goodness and grace.
You wash away the chill of death
You are perfect peace.
By Carolynn J. Scully
22 February 2009