Tuesday, July 7, 2009


No matter what I do I cannot get this to post correctly.
Please note that * indicates the beginning of a stanza.
They should be separated by a break.
If anyone can help me figure this out please let me know.
Thanks. Carolynn
*Freedoms' Author

Independently enthroned,

Needs no advisor,

No follower.

He is free

To be,

To form

His likeness,

His freedom

Into every soul.

*Freedoms' Fighters,

United as one,

Seek Divine advice.

Following His plan

For freedom

To be,

They form

His government

Into an independent nation.

*Freedoms' Voice

Strikes the drum beat

Leading the march
To be,

To live

The life of liberty

for eternity

Formed by Freedoms' Author.

*Carolynn J. Scully

(c) 2009