Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Dream Lies Across This Sea

What dream lies across this sea for me?
A magnetic muse song
Lures with hope and promise
Across the deep and unknown.
"Pursue me, find me, capture me!"
She woos in soulful tones.
Her insistent command intoxicates me
With courage and determination,
Demanding a response.

Where do I go in this vast ocean of roaring doubts
That swallow the irresistible melody
And threaten to devour the memory of why
I travail to pursue this elusive infatuation.
Failure to pursue, find and capture her
Would be grievous to self and our Creator
Whose plan it is for us to meet.
She is mine to discover and
Though many waves push me away
I forge ahead in my quest
Else she be silenced forever or
Sold to another toward a different end.

What is this dream that lies across the sea for me?
My purpose is in the pursuit.
To enjoy presence of my muse is only a rest
Till another song begins.
Life itself teems with the seeking and discovery
Of many dreams
Waiting to be taken into captivity
Only after traveling both the
Calm and turbulent waters.

Carolynn J. Scully (c)2009