Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Will Remember

I will remember
You, O Lord my God
You are the King of the universe
The creator of the fruit of the vine
Who brings forth bread from the earth.

I will remember
The night You were betrayed, betrayed.
You took bread and gave thanks.
You broke it and said, "Take, eat."

It was Your body that was broken,
Broken for me
Yes, for me!
I will remember

I will remember
That You were wounded
For my transgressions,
My sins
You were bruised
For my iniquities,
My unrighteousness
Your suffering brought me peace.
Blessed peace.
I will remember

I will remember
That You took the cup of wine
Gave thanks
And said "Drink of our new covenant."

I will remember
The new covenant given to me
Through Your shed blood
Your blood poured out
For forgiveness of my sins.
I will remember.

I will remember
Your crown of thorns
Your pierced hands and feet
The wound at Your side
Touching Your heart
For me, ME, a sinner.
I will remember

I will remember
That The Father loved me so much
That He sent You
His one and only Son,
Only Son
That if I believe
I will not perish
I will have everlasting life!

I leave my burdened heart at the foot of the cross
I remember and believe.
Because of You, Jesus,
I am forgiven.

by Carolynn J. Scully (c)2004