Monday, April 27, 2009

Whispered Promises

This is one of my favorite poems. Writing it and even reading it now, reminds me that Jesus' sacrifice is available to all men at all times. God is marvelous in His love.

Whispered Promises
(Genesis 3:21)

I hear Him in the garden. I often walk with Him.
I dare not go as I am, clothed only in my sin.
He calls to me and I know, He mourns from deep within.

His light defeats the darkness befriending my great shame.
He questions my nakedness through tears of love and pain.
I cannot look up at Him but foolishly explain.

Now a lamb stands before Him submitting to His will.
Its life will buy my freedom. Creation becomes still.
The lamb upon Gods’ shoulders is carried up the hill.

Kneeling down upon the earth He formed with His own hands,
God embraces innocence, whispers His promised plan.
He groans in offered sacrifice upon the holy land.

Blood spills forth to cover me, a sinner against God.
It stains the pure holy earth where together we had trod.
All creation shudders. I am overcome with sobs.

This is death on my account, lifelessness on display.
Innocence covers my nakedness, "No, Lord! Please don’t!" I pray.
"This judgement and death are mine! Why must it be this way?"

Then He whispers a promise, holds me in love’s embrace.
Sends me outside the garden and turns away His face.
My sin has caused this parting but He promises His grace.

"I will come," He tells me. "Wait for the righteous seed.
I will be the Holy Lamb. I am the victory!
I will bring you safely home. In Me you can believe."

By Carolynn J. Scully