Monday, February 27, 2017


Single grains of sand are
Formed from the omnipotent
Genius of God.
He breathes the winds over mountains.
He relentlessly discharges boulders
With stormy rains that
Fragment their earthy minerals
As they tumble down into
Streams and rivers
On their way to the sea.
In a dance of creation the ocean molds and polishes
Each tiny unique grain of sand
‘Til at last they are tossed upon the shore.

A mountain has been moved and changed by
And a divine plan.

Begins in God and
Submits to change under
The will of the Almighty.

Real love, like tiny grains of sand
Reflects light
Receives warmth
Remains constant
But submits to change.

Carolynn J. Scully ©9/25/2006